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Wizards Turbo Cut Compound

Wizards Turbo Cut Compound

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 WIZARDS® TURBO CUT™ is an aggressive compound designed for machine or hand application.

  • TURBO CUT™ contains no wax, silicone or crystalline silica
  • Removes 1200 & 1500 grit sand scratches & similar size paint defects.
  • Cuts smoothly and quickly.
  •  Will not stick, sling or load up pads.
  • Water-based for easy clean-up without staining.
  •  Will not stain or etch painted surfaces.
  •  Leaves no oily residue or greasy film.
  •  Will not promote silicosis, a lung disease caused by exposure to crystalline silica.
  •  Will not irritate eyes or throat.

Recommended for removing 1200 grit or finer sand scratches (or similar-sized finish imperfections) . TURBO CUT™ is fast acting to restore dead paint, fiberglass and marine gelcoat, while remaining user friendly. It levels to a smooth 4000 grit, non-oily, nongreasy finish. This unique formula features an exclusive time release abrasive which starts out aggressively and, as you work, becomes less aggressive quickly creating a smoother finish. The compound provides an incredible gloss without the headaches of excess dust, slinging, sticking, staining or gummed up and blocked pads.

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