Tolco Red Drum Pump 7 gal / min

Sale price$21.62


Durable Light Easy to use High Output Red Tolco 7 GPM Drum Pump outputs up to 7 gallons per minute!   To install: Hand tighten vent cap at top of pump. PUMP WILL NOT SIPHON WHEN NOT FULLY TIGHTENED TO HANDLE! Place pump discharge tube in container.   Directions: Grip handle and operate bellows with up and down motion until liquid flows continuously. Liquid flow will be automatically maintained by gravity through discharge tube, whenever liquid level at discharge is lower than liquid level in drum. When siphon action stops or slows due to low liquid level in the drum, either elevate the drum or operate hand grip to manually maintain flow. When discharging thick liquids, you may operate hand grip to speed up discharge of liquid. To stop liquid flow, loosen vent cap at the top of pump. Flush pump with clean water to prolong life. Place discharge tube in storage clip to eliminate drip after stopping liquid flow.  

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