RELI S.R.S. SiO2 Finish Protectant

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RELI S.R.S. SiO2 Finish Protectant 16 0Z SPRAY BOTTLE SEALS-RESTORES-SHINES Reli S.R.S. is an easy-to-use, SiO2-based spray protectant that quickly adds gloss and hydrophobic properties to your vehicle. S.R.S. is the top choice of many detailers for a final spray on coating or a topper to an existing ceramic coating. Details: Safe for all exterior surfaces. S.R.S. can safely be used on Gel coat, paint, clear coat, glass, chrome, metal, rubber and plastic trim, rims, etc. Enhanced gloss and hydrophobic properties. S.R.S. adds a barrier between your gel coat or paint and the elements to help prevent things like staining from spider and bird poop. For professional detailers and boat enthusiasts alike. S.R.S. is great for adding additional protection and shine to your any surface. Its deep, rich look sticks around for months. User-friendly. S.R.S. is simple to use. It applies like like a spray on final finish. For Best Results: Wash the boat thoroughly. For best results, we recommend washing with or RELI Premium Foaming Boat Wash and a high quality wash mitt.

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