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INDASA Rhynosoft Pads 3600p-1500

INDASA Rhynosoft Pads 3600p-1500

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INDASA Rhynosoft Pad 3600P-1500 Grit

Foam Sanding Pad 1500 Gritt (20 Pads Per Box) are extremely flexible and adaptable to shapes, edges and contoured surfaces. Foam backing prevents over sanding. Low cost and economical. Great for sanding and finishing of fillers, stoppers and primers, for scuffing and rectifying clear coats and sanding and finishing of composite materials, wooden surfaces and wood coatings. 4.5" x 5.5" size pads. Provides a high quality surface finish Features an anti-clogging layer C/B weight latex paper with foam backing Aluminum oxide abrasive Modified synthetic resin bonding. (FREE SHIPPING)

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