Select Grade (Grit): #0000 Finest
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International Steel Wool Sold in packs of 16 pads. #0000 FINESTBuffs woodwork, shellac, lacquer and varnish (use with wax or oil). Cleans delicate instruments and precision tools. #000 EXTRA FINEBuffs cabinetry and new wax finishes. Polishes aluminum, copper, brass and zinc. Removes minor burns from wood and leather. Removes paint drips and splatters. #00 FINEBuffs final finish on painted trim. Cleans golf clubs, screens and frames. Removes old finishes from antiques (use with finish remover). #0 MEDIUM FINECleans barbeque grills, aluminum, copper, brass, zinc and other metals. Removes rust from metal toils (use with light oil for best results). #1 MEDIUMCleans linoleum, rubber, asphalt and other resilient floors, automobile white walls. Prepares wood for the first coat of paint and smooths raised grain. #2 MEDIUM COARSECleans glass block, rough metal or stone surfaces. Removes rust and dirt from garden tools and machinery, scuff marks and old wax from floors. #3 COARSERemoves old paint and varnish. #4 EXTRA COARSERemoves the toughest rust, dirt, old paint and varnish. Not recommended for high gloss surfaces or delicate finishes.

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