Wizards Select Pro Cut & Polish 2 Machine Polish

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The Second Step in Wizard's Select Pro System

  • Removes Compound Swirl Marks

  • Produces High Gloss Finish

  • For All Paint Types

  • Easy Clean-Up

  • Use with Foam Polishing Pad

Cut & Polish Machine Polish will quickly and smoothly remove fine scratches and compounding pad swirls to produce an excellent high gloss finish on all paint types. Designed as the second step to the Select Pro Buffing System, Cut & Polish will also perform as a stand-alone when deeper scratch removal leveling is not required; pad choice determines cut vs. polish.


  1. Starting with a clean, cool surface, apply Cut & Polish generously using a foam polishing pad. Slowly buff/spread in a 2' x 2' area. Then, increase to run rotary buffer at 1000-1500 RPM.

  2. Use Medium to light pressure working back and forth to bring up a high gloss. Holding pad flat to the surface and slowing speed on final pass will deliver the best finish. Clean/spur pad with brush as needed.
  3. Always leave a light oil film and do not dry buff before wiping clean with a microfiber cloth.
  4. On black/dark colors or show paint, continue with Ultra Fine Machine Finish.

Orbital D/A Directions:

  • Apply Cut & Polish generously to full face of a wool, microfiber, or foam cutting pad. Hold pad flat to surface and spread across a 2' x 2' section using light to moderate pressure with 3-4 slow passes. Add drops as needed once pad is seasoned and wet, Clean face of pad with nylon brush as needed.

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