Wizards Finish Cut Compound

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•No swirls, easy clean up.•Levels 1500 grit or finer sand scratches.•One step buffing on most colors and clear coat, fresh or aged finishes.•Brightens dull finishes, removes scratches and heavy paint overspray.•No wax, silicone or crystalline silica.•Water-based, no staining, etching, or dusting.•Protect with Shine Master™ #11033.•Marine use; Exterior defect removal on gelcoat, paint, fiberglass. Removes swirls and minor scratches on average surfaces. WIZARDS® FINISH CUT™ is a medium to fine, No Swirls Compound designed for machine or hand application. It is recommended for removing 1500 grit or finer sand scratches (or similar-sized finish imperfections) from new or aged paint finishes – factory, custom – foreign or domestic. HINT: The proper choice and use of pads for each job will determine the amount of cut and the degree of desired shine. Using one product with 2 or 3 different pads proves to be faster, less expensive and minimizes dust, dirt and contamination. BENEFITS: FINISH CUT™ is a buffing compound that levels 1500 and finer grit sand scratches from fresh paint and clears, leaving a swirl-free, show gloss finish. Depending on color, type and age of paint, FINISH CUT™ (when used with the blended wool pad #11203) can be used as a one step product to cut and finish with superior results. This is made possible by the use of a series of nonrigid abrasives that provide excellent initial leveling action and slowly become less aggressive while buffing. HOW TO USE:  Make sure painted surfaces are clean, cool and dry. Shake product and apply a generous amount to one spot, not ribbons or specks. Place pad directly on top of compound, running buffer speed at 1000- 2200 RPM. Move slowly, avoiding fast back and forth motions. Work a 2 to 4 square foot section at a time. Apply adequate pressure to remove scratches and speed up the process. HINT: For best results use the #11203 Blended Wool Pad. Follow with the #11204 Yellow Foam Pad or the #11205 White Foam Pad. Remove residue to inspect surface using #01220 Wipe Down™ Detailer. For maximum protection and high gloss, use #11033 Shine Master™ Polish and Breathable™ Sealant as the final step.

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