Meguiars #4 Heavy Cut Cleaner 16 Oz

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Meguiars #4 Heavy Cut Cleaner Powerful, aggressive cleaning action safely removes serious paint defects Formulated for fast, safe cleaning with a rotary buffer Removes stains, scratches, blemishes and other serious defects Buffered Abrasive Action lubricates the finish to prevent scouring Diminishing Abrasives remove defects, then break down to polish the finish Easy clean-up PAINTABLE: Safe for use in the paint shop environment Safe and effective on all paints, including CLEAR COATS METHOD OF APPLICATION: For use with rotary buffer only. (NOTE: Be sure you are familiar with proper use of rotary buffer.) DIRECTIONS: SHAKE WELL. Always apply in the SHADE on a COOL SURFACE. Do not apply to rubber or vinyl surfaces. Apply to one section at a time. Work product until nearly dry. Wipe off excess using a clean, dry, quality towel.

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