Magna Shine Cerama Kote- Ceramic Coating

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Ultra Gloss Extreme Durability  Anti-Corrosion  Water Repellent Surface Prep: 1. As with all ceramic coatings, Magna Shine's Cerama Kote requires a perfectly clean surface in order to enhance adhesion and longevity. 2. Begin by cleaning surface with a high quality soap, such as Show Car Products' Wash-N-Wax.  3. Deep clean the surface with alcohol (minimum 70% isopropyl or ethanol alchohol).  4. Clay bar surface to remove all remaining contaminants. 5. Remove swirl marks and scratches with cutting compound and polisher. 6. Ensure the paint surface is dry and clean and near perfection.   Application: Work in a well-ventilated area and wear a respirator. See SDS for safety and handling. Repeat the following procedure for each 15" x 15" area of the vehicle. 1. Prepare a microfiber cloth wrapped around a magic sponge to apply the coating. 2. Apply 3-5 drops of CeramaKote to completely moisten the microfiber. 3. Wipe the towel swiftly and evenly onto the vehicle, always wiping only in one direction. 4. Wait 3-5 minutes then use a new dry and soft microfiber cloth to buff/polish the coating surface for 1-2 minutes. Be sure not to remove too much CeramaKote. 5. Ensure that CeramaKote is completely even and all blemishes are removed. Do not wait longer than 5 minutes before first buffing action.     Drying: In warm conditions, vehicle will be tack free after 1 hour. Until this point the coating is still wet and should not be touched. Vehicle will be partially cured after 24 hours and fully cured 5 days after application. Vehicle may be handled after 24 hours when the coating is partially cured, but take care to avoid any object brushing against the vehicle during this time. To speed up drying time, use infrared heating at 120°-130°C, for 20-30 minutes.   NOTE: Once applied, CeramaKote can only be removed with machine polisher.

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