GEM Orbital CHD Polisher

Sale price$349.00


The GEM Orbital Polisher has been around for 50 years. One objective in mind...eliminate swirl marks caused by high speed rotary buffers. Unlike the high speeds, the Orbital "oscillates", or duplicates the motion of your hand as if you were hand waxing the surface area. The difference of course is that the Orbital creates 1700 oscillations per minute....but without heat or friction. The 14 lb. model CHD, idea for large boats and first choice of professional detailers are built to run 8 hours a day, seven days a week. Specifications: Weight: 14 lbs.Overall Height: 8 in.Amps: 2.2 @ 110vRPM: 1730 @ 110vMotor: 110v/220v  

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