Collinite Super Double Paste Wax 476S

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Collinite No. 476S Super Double Coat Auto Wax A Mr. Collins original, this classic carnauba/polymer blend is also Collinite’s most durable. Holds up month after month against harmful outdoor corrosives; UV, rain, snow, salt, dust, dirt, grime, bugs, staining and more. Ideal as a winter wax when both lasting shine and all-season/all-conditions protection are equally crucial. Handcrafted and handpoured in the USA.   For all automobile finishes: New, fast, easy to use, detergent proof formulation eliminates hard rubbing, buffing and frequent rewaxing. Gleaming luster lasts at least a full year. Excellent for use on fine furniture, wood paneling, etc. Provides excellent protection for fiberglass, wood and metal boats. Clear coat safe.   Directions: Do not apply in direct sunlight. Surface should be pre-cleaned, contaminant-free and feel lukewarm to the touch. Apply wax in THIN, even coat to 2x2 ft section at a time with applicator pad. As wax begins to dry/haze, polish off with dry microfiber or soft cotton towel. Not recommended for rubber, trim or glass.   Applicatios: Car, truck, bike, RV, boat, aircraft, personal watercraft, snowmobile, ATV, tractor/farm equipment, golf cart, snowplow. Exterior gel coat, fiberglass, clear coat, single stage and lacquer paints and highly finished wood. CLEAN, unblemished painted/unpainted metals; chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass NOT recommended for rubber, non-skid, black trim, vinyl, glass or non-painted plastic

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