Collinite Pre-Wax Cleaner 415

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Collinite No. 415 Pre-Wax Cleaner CLEANS & RESTORES SURFACE FOR FOLLOW-UP WAX Removes film, mild oxidation/discoloration, oil, grease, tar, bugs, stains and more from clear coat/single stage paint, painted/non-painted metal & fiberglass. Brightens surface clarity and deepens shine while preparing finish for follow up wax-improving bond, spread and protective durability. Not for glass, rubber or trim. Contains no waxes or silicones and safe for hand or dual action polisher use Directions: Place finger over cap and shake well before using. Surface should be washed, dry and feel lukewarm (NOT hot!) to the touch. BY HAND: Apply small amount of product to dry applicator pad and spread evenly across 1ft x 1ft section. Rub well to loosen all contamination. As product begins to dry, polish off immediately with dry microfiber towel. Do not dry buff. Reapply as necessary for stubborn contamination. BY MACHINE: Apply 4-5 drops of product to polishing pad. Spread product evenly onto 1ft x 1ft section. Turn machine on and buff at medium speed until product begins to dry. Polish off immediately with a dry microfiber towel. Do not dry buff. To obtain added shine and protective durability on clean surface, follow up with one of Collinite's last step waxes (No. 845, 476S or 915).

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