Auto Scents Wafer Pad 60 Pack

Select Fragrance: Baby Powder
Sale price$17.95


Auto Scents Wafer Pad 60 Pack Package of 60! Heavily scented for long lasting use Removes stale and musty odors Improves air quality in boats, vehicles, offices, and homes. For use in full-service car washes, detail shops, new car dealerships, used car dealers, RV dealerships, boat dealers and rental car agencies.  Auto Scents has set new standards in Fragrances. It doesn't look like any other fragrance seen before, and no other product lasts as long. Auto Scents are designed for a variety of uses, such as vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles, homes, offices, and high volume shops.  Directions: DO NOT PLACE THE AUTO SCENT PADS IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT OR NEAR WINDOWS. THIS WILL DECREASE THE LIFE OF THE PAD. DO NOT PLACE ON ANY UPHOLSTERED OR LEATHER AREAS. USE CATION TO KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS.

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