Microfiber Towels for your Boat

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Microfiber Towels for your Boat

Oct 27th 2020

Constructed from fine synthetic threads less than one denier in diameter, the diameter of silk, microfiber has been in commercial production for only a few decades, with many of its applications being discovered in various industries over the past few years. Used extensively by glassworkers and cleaners on a wide range of fine surfaces, for optical lenses, on entertainment discs and on appliances, is it any wonder that this wonderful material has a number of great applications on your boat? Here's a look at why you should keep a few microfiber towels for use on your boat.

Why Should You Use Microfiber Towels on your Boat?

One of the first industries that embraced the use of microfiber toweling was the glass industry. Microfiber cloth has a very fine finish capable of polishing glass surfaces and removing a wide range of oils and waxes from the surface of your optics, from binoculars and eyeglasses to fish finder, smartphone and tablet screens. Requiring very little cleaning solvent, you can simply add a slight spray of clean water, alcohol or vinegar to these surfaces if they are particularly oily or dirty.

Microfiber towels are also able to absorb a large amount of moisture, due to the fineness of the fibers. They work well for cleaning, waxing and polishing boats, cleaning up glass or vinyl windows and wiping down woodwork, either on their own or with a range of cleaning and preservation materials. Interestingly, damp microfiber actually absorbs moisture better than dry microfiber, so getting the microfiber towels damp before using by soaking in water and then wringing them out thoroughly before drying your boat off can provide better results.

In this manner, microfiber towels can be used in place of chamois cloth, providing great results at a much lower price point. Because they are so economical, you can select a variety of densities and colors to ensure that you can handle a wide range of tasks. You can select a specific color for your optics, keeping it separate from those that you use for cleaning off your decking and surfaces so that you don't end up with sand in your optics towels. Another color can be used for wax and polish compounds, such as tung oil or boat waxes. A third can be used for galley cleaning, including your appliances and interior surfaces.

With all of these applications in mind, is there any doubt that microfiber toweling can provide some great benefits for your boat's maintenance and operation? One of the better products we've worked with are RELIĀ® Microfiber Towels. As a premium microfiber toweling, it can deliver superior results. Our RELIĀ® Microfiber Towel is available in two different options, an economy-grade purple 15" by 15" cloth at 260 grams per square meter, and a premium-grade 16" by 16" green cloth at 320 grams per square meter. Either will work well to handle a wide range of cleaning and maintenance uses on your boat.